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Friday, November 14, 2008

Time for Justice: Resources for the Church

As you will notice by the logo on the sidebar, I am now a member of the Christian Century Blogging Network. With that new honor, I will offer some resources for Presbyterians to pass the new amendment B.

Even those who have not experienced the wrath of Calvin will appreciate the following:

  1. A classic. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter from a Birmingham Jail. Civil rights are civil rights whether gay, straight, black or white.
  2. Walter Wink's Biblical Perspectives on Homosexuality. If you have ever been hammered by the good book, hammer back with the hammer of justice.
  3. Willliam O. Walker's What the New Testament Says About Homosexuality. Another good one and shorter since he only has to deal with half of the biblical hammer.
  4. Frequently Asked Questions About Sexuality, The Bible, and the Church. This has some things particular to Presbyterians, but it also answers many of those questions that are asked regardless of religious affiliation. You can get the whole booklet or download the articles individually in PDF.
And here are some new resources for this amendment in particular:
  1. Rev. Chris Joiner's reply to Barbara Wheeler's suggestion that we take "no action." Chris writes: Our LGBT Friends Certainly Deserve A Little Better.
  2. More Light has another great suggestion. A Call to Knit and Pray Our Way to the Passage of Amendment B. People across the church did this for General Assembly and it made a huge visual impact. NOTE: Even non-Presbys can knit and show support for lgbtq justice!
  3. Yes on 08-B! Campaign Resources. Links to resources to aid in conversation in your presbytery.
There are more on the sidebar. I will add to them as I find them!

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