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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shuck and Jive is a Man's Blog

Lest anyone think this is a girly blog, the GenderAnalyzer sez I am 78% MALE!

Silhouette of a manWe think is written by a man (78%).

Curiously, RevGalBlogPals are men as well:

Silhouette of a manWe think is written by a man (65%).

Please analyze.


  1. Ha! They think there is a 70% probability that I'm male.

    And I note they are wrong almost half the time. I wonder what their criteria for "male" v. "female" are?

  2. Holy crap, you are more manly than I. I only scored a 63% that I was a man.

  3. I'm at 63% also, Monkey. I think their Gender Analyzer uses some outmoded stereotypes re: the way women write. Or maybe it's outmoded for the way women who write write.

    Or--- it could be they know they have a 50% likelihood of being wrong, and it's all a crap shoot anyway. Not a very feminine thing to say, but then again, I do write like a man. (I've also been told over the years that I whistle like a man and drive like a man).

  4. I suppose since I only post photos, and those are of cute kids and warm fuzzy puppies, I'd qualify as "Girly". I can't do the analysis. However, due to increased time at the gym and beginning Tai Chi, I'll whip anyone's ass who calls me that.

  5. I'll whip anyone's ass who calls me that.

    That's what we like to hear.

    Monkerstein's blog is the girly one.

  6. Interesting..thinks it's 61% sure I'm a male too...

    I'm 100% sure I'm not..but...who knows? Laughs!