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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Child Preachers

Scott alerted me to this news item on 20/20. How popular is this really? What do you think the effects are for the children and the adults who encourage this?


  1. I saw it too. It is child abuse. When the interviewer asked one little boy why he preaches, he looked puzzled, and said, "You will have to ask my Dad that, I don't know why."

  2. That is awfully strange - I think they ask the question 'how young is too young' - both those kids are too young - saved at 3? These kids have no life experience to pass on with any real actual conviction behind it...these kids will be lucky not to end up with the same problems child stars have in Holloywood.

  3. I have two words for this: Marjoe Gortner.

  4. Don't worry, John. Your job's secure for now. :-)