Shuck and Jive

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pet Blessing Pictures

Here are some pics from our Blessing the Animals Service:

We blessed plenty of dogs, some cats, a horse, and a parrot. I think we had 20-25 pets altogether. It promises to be bigger next year.

Each pet was blessed with a long and healthy life and a happy home.

Freedom was blessed and in return was a blessing to children who got a ride.

Harley approved of the blessing, but at a distance. Don't touch me, thanks.


  1. Thanks for posting these photos John!

  2. It was a great day, Scott! It was a treat for me to get to know parishioners and their pets and how important those relationships are. It was also a great outreach. Several people saw the article in the paper and brought their pets.

  3. Looks like a great success, John! Please tell me y'all sang "All Things Bright and Beautiful".

  4. Well I couldn't make it, but its just as well. I'm holding out for an animal exorcism event rather than just a blessing. The cat avatar I have is a picture of my cat. I think she's a cat anyway, or maybe she's some variation of a South American land eel.

    Anyway, glad the event went so well.

  5. I blessed my beloved 'Little Bit' with thoughts of FPC-E...and I KNOW...he would have been with Cindy & 'Amy #2's' PARROT.....and probably would have looked upon your smiling face as, perhaps, too 'VET LIKE'.

    Thank You! ... for the wonderful photos....and I KNOW...E-town's domestic & wild fauna are being well served and loved by you & all the 'cat,dog,horse & bird' people of FPC-E.

    In your honor...I will now play Sarah McLachlan's 'Angel'.....for Little Bit, The ASPCA, and all our BLESSED CRITTERS.

    (By the way Black DSH 7 year old 'Angel' will be SAFELY INSIDE on this night of 'ALL HALLOW's EVE'.)

    -Cameron ....57 miles south...up at 3000' SPNC ...and BLOGGING as 'Twain' on