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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Welcome New Blogger, Peace Tiger!

I am thrilled to introduce a new First Presby blogger! This is the only other blogger I know who is a member of First Pres., Elizabethton! Welcome Peace Tiger!

Who is Peace Tiger?

Storyteller, Writer, Poet, Artist, and Lecturer with the goals of moving toward a common world of oneness with all creation, without fear, without judgment, without war, WITH a focus on Love and Peace and good will for all. All things begin with imagination before they are reality. Humankind becomes that which the mind thinks Never underestimate the power of one person, Indeed all things of value begin with a single thought, But joined, Two energies of like kind Create a force all the greater. Think Love. Think Peace. Know Success!
Sounds like a First Presby all right. Go and visit and give her a welcome!

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  1. The more, the merrier.


    Cool church you got there, John.