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Monday, October 01, 2007

Nominations are Coming in for the Worst 80s Song!

Nominations are open until tomorrow night for the worst 80s song. As usual, some of these songs I really liked! But that's OK. Here is the list so far. Nominate often. Just one song per artist, though. Here are the nominees so far:

  1. Lee Greenwood--God Bless the USA
  2. Toni Basil--Hey Mickey!
  3. Styx--Mr. Roboto
  4. Hall and Oates--I Can't Go for That
  5. Michael Jackson--Beat It
  6. Men Without Hats--Safety Dance
  7. Conway Twitty--Slow Hand
  8. Wang Chung--Everybody Have Fun Tonight
  9. Various--We Are the World
  10. Night Ranger--Sister Christian
  11. Billy Squier--The Stroke
  12. Winger--Seventeen


  1. I'd have to suggest "We Are the World". It had such promise and turned into such a sappy mess.

  2. Actually, I liked that one too!

    ah well...

  3. I kind of liked that one too; a sappy song for world peace still beats a sappy love song at least. Anyway, I have some more nominations, but they're not from me; Donna asked me to submit these for consideration of awfulness:

    *Sister Christian by Night Ranger
    *The Stroke by Billy Squire
    *Seventeen by Winger

    I know I definitely want to throw in a Journey song too; I'm not sure which one was the most awful; maybe someone could help me decide...

  4. Being from Atlanta, I'm a little jaded. The first sappy world peace song I learned was an ad for a sugary, caffeinated soft drink.

    If you ever visited the former World of Coca-Cola museum (a creepy late-90s tribute to corporate brand identity), you've sat in the little theater that runs Coke ads from over the years. The message is always the same: Coca-Cola will bring world peace, cure cancer, ensure strong family relationships, and protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  5. Well, it looks like everyone is pretty much drinking Coke, so what's the hold up on world peace then? Maybe that we haven't yet defeated evil-pepsi...

  6. If we leave Iraq, then the Pepsi will follow us home.