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Friday, October 05, 2007

Listener Pledges 60 Trillion Dollars to WETS!

Our local NPR affiliate, WETS, is having its pledge drive. WETS is the only NPR station in a "red state" that airs Democracy Now!

We have a listener support group to keep this program on the air, called

The reason this program needs a listener support group, is that there are many folks who want WETS to remove the program.

Yesterday WETS aired a voicemail that came into the office. It was a colorful rant against WETS.
In the voicemail, a woman goes on to say her name is "Hillary Socialist" and that she wants to "make a pledge of sixty trillion dollars [...] and give it to y'all for the socialist communist work that you do."

You can
read the story and listen to the audio on youtube.

If you think DemocracyNow! is an important program to keep on the air, support WETS and DemocracyNow!

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