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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Guest Commentary About Sex Sting

A number of letters have been published in the Johnson City Press regarding its publication of names, addresses, and photos of men caught in the recent sex sting at Winged Deer Park. In today's Press, you will find, in my opinion, the best commentary yet by clinical psychologist, John W. Moshier.

Mr. Moshier concludes his commentary:

The Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics states that one of the most important principles of responsible journalism is to minimize harm: “Show compassion for those who may be affected adversely by news coverage.” The Johnson City Press showed a callous disregard for this code. The pictures, names and addresses of these men should be removed immediately from the paper’s Internet archive. In the future, the Johnson City Press and all other media need to be more responsible in reporting similar stories.

Destroyed lives and families are too high a price to pay for the sanctimonious public shaming displayed by the Press. It is without doubt that many local citizens, across the political and philosophical spectrum, are entirely disappointed by how these events were reported. The Johnson City Press motto is “What the People Don’t Know WILL Hurt Them.” In this instance, the editors’ blatant disregard for journalistic ethics has hurt this community. (Read More)

Well stated. Thank you.


  1. Other news outlets must have thought it quite worthy, the names, photos etc. were on TV news and papers all over the Great State of TN.!! Saw it in Knoxville, and Nashville. Some may now have to register with the TBI Sexual Offender Registry, yes indecent exposure and forcible fondling triggers SOR registration in some cases. Guess you all think that is too harsh too? So their pictures, home addresses will be on the web forever! And they will have to avoid schools, daycare centers all that, go register with the police/TBI every six months! Ouch.