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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Responses to Johnson City Peace Rally

Opinion peaces and letters to the editor are trickling in to the Johnson City Press and the East Tennessean. Check to the right of this blog under the heading "Opinions and Letters to the Editor."

Here are two letters from today's JC Press and four letters in yesterday's East Tennessean.

Let me know if you find a letter or an opinion peace that was published and I will link to it.


  1. The thing that bothers me is when people say this:

    "Our president is in a tough spot. We were attacked. That much ought to be clear even to a bunch of crazed idiots."

    Yes, we were attacked, just not by the country we invaded. It's a credit I suppose to the war-spin-meisters that so many people are still unclear on this fairly straightforward point.

  2. We shouldn't be surpised that those "uncrazed idiots" are still believing that stuff and still expecting us to defend our use of the First Amendment when the "Decider" condemned 3 1/2 million people for picking on his toy general.

    That day at the rally my hubby stopped to talk to the Army fellow in full dress uniform who was standing by the ETSU police. The officer maintained that Iraq "did" 9/11.