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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Desperate for Pizza

This is on the cover of today's Johnson City Press:

Police are searching for two people who apparently were so desperate for pizza Monday, they robbed a delivery man at gunpoint.

Someone reportedly called Domino’s Pizza late Monday night requesting two pizzas be delivered to 160 E. Highland Road, an address police later recognized as that of a vacant building which has been for sale for some time.

When the delivery man arrived at the address shortly before midnight Tuesday, a black man wearing a hooded jacket was standing in the driveway waiting for him. According to reports, the suspect approached the delivery man and jokingly said, “This pizza’s for free isn’t it?”

When the delivery man said, “No,” and gave him the total cost, another black man wearing a black hooded sweater and baggy black carpenter pants reportedly came from around the corner of a porch, walked behind the Domino’s employee and said, “No, this pizza is free.”

The second robber held a small silver-tipped pistol in his right hand, police said. He spoke once more saying, “I’m serious,” and the duo then grabbed the pizzas from the delivery man’s hands and ran away. (Read More)

Domino's Pizza: So good you'll risk going to prison for a slice!


  1. My first year in seminary I managed an apartment building in a poorer section of town. Two women moved in, both having just got out of prison. I talked with one of them who told me she had been convicted of holding up a Kentucky Fried Chicken at gunpoint for the chicken only. she asked me, "I don't look stupid enough to rob a store just for chicken, do I?" She was rather muscular so I didn't answer but my answer was, "Yes!"