Shuck and Jive

Friday, July 25, 2008

No more gentleman stuff. From now on you fights my way--dirty!

Presbyterian minister, Jim Yearsley, who some say bears a striking resemblance to

Yosemite Sam,

has declared:

"Not one penny for the lily-livered, bowlegged, double-crossin', flea bitten, apostate Gen'ral Assembly!"

After finishing with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) he announced his other plans.

Then he broke into song.


  1. Why cannot people accept that our understanding of things change, that with greater learning we see that previous interpretations may have flaws. We are not Catholics who must abide by papal infallibility, we have been blessed with the ability, nay the responsibility to examine, question, and adjust to the realities. Hopefully everyone will be able to depart the Dark Ages.

  2. These blood suckers who live off the denomination and then don't contribute in any way really should go elsewhere. Why are these people still in the PCUSA? Why? I just don't get it.

    Oh right... their pensions. I'd like to give not one penny to Mr. Yearsley's pension. Can I do that? Because if we're only giving money to things that are "scripturally faithful" it's very easy to make the case that no where in the Bible is Jim Yearsley's pension mentioned. Just sayin'....

  3. Bill42--aw sin, I'm agin it.

    Alan--good point on the pensions. I would imagine there could be other exceptions to the not one penny rule as well.

  4. I did exactly the opposite. When my church became affiliated with the "New Wineskins" I refused to donate one penny and left. If this Jim guy who mouths off all over those gross conservative sites really feels that way, I have a message for him.

    Jim, get out of the PCUSA. Get out now, today, this second. Leave us alone. If you don't like the PCUSA, do something else and take all your negative friends with you. After you leave we don't want to hear one word from you and yours.

  5. The power that the not one penny crowd and other threatening types of movements have lies only in the expected fear they can generate.

    The response is not to be intimidated by them. We need to say, "Go ahead. We will do fine without you or your penny."

  6. "The response is not to be intimidated by them. We need to say, "Go ahead. We will do fine without you or your penny.""

    Exactly John. And as they continue to disassociate themselves from the PCUSA, either corporately or monetarily, they'll be easier to ignore. It's rather amusing actually, "Let's show how important we are by withdrawing from community!" That never, ever works.

    I also think they have a somewhat exaggerated sense of their own importance just because they get a lot of attention in the blog-o-sphere. Fortunately, I suspect that most folks in the pews have no idea who this Yearsley character is, nor would they care, nor would they care much about what he has to say.

  7. John, has PCUSA had whole churches withdraw? What is the property policy when that happens? As a 'Librul' Episcopalian, I can sympathize with you on this issue. Have y'all reached the Heretic and Apostate state yet? We of course have a different set of problems this week!