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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Presby Peace Conference, Part 4

Thanks to the Presbyterian News Service for this comprehensive article regarding the Presbyterian Peacemaking Conference, Peacemaking and the Mustard Seed.

Delivering the third keynote address was professor Lisa Schirch of Eastern Mennonite University. Dr. Schirch is a Professor of Peacebuilding.

I have to stop there and say how intelligent for a university to have a professorial chair for peacebuilding. Teaching peacebuilding, in my view, should be a core item of our curriculum at all levels of learning.

Her presentation,
Human Environmental Security and How to Simplify the Complicated Truth, challenged us to rethink the meaning of the word "security."

She said that "security doesn't land in a helicopter; it grows from the ground up."

In her powerpoint presentation, she introduced us to the concept of 3-D Security. Here is its website. The "3 Ds" are Development, Diplomacy, and Defense. She it explains it fully in her paper, A New Vision for US and Global Security.

I took this from her slide presentation. You can find it as well as watch her speech, The Role of Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution (s
imilar to the presentation she gave at the conference) at the University of Pittsburgh's mediasite.

3D security begins at the foundation with development, building a society that meets needs for food and shelter.

The next D-diplomacy is talking and listening. Diplomacy is not about talking to you while we surround you with a blockade.

The final D-defense is a last resort.

So often we think of security in terms of defense first. That does not make us secure. The other two pieces need to be in place first.

More on the workshops I attended to come.

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