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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Presbyterian Bloggers Are Reforming

The weblog for Presbyterian Bloggers is updating with some new voices, a new format, and weekly features. It is a blogging community for Presbys and you should give it a look. Here is the lineup:

Weekly Devotion

Book Club: Review of a Book, Movie, TV Show, or Article

Personal Faith Experiences

Joyful News on Ministry

(un)recognizing Jesus:
the church as the incarnate body of Christ


1st: Ask the Moderator!
2nd: Pastors Discuss Sermons and Lectionary - Woohoo!
3rd: Ask the Experienced Pastor!
4th: Ask the Elder Elder!
5th: Meme Time!

Member Blog Meet & Greet

I get to do the Wednesday feature, Joyful News On Ministry. I am looking for stories, pics, videos, of happy Presbyterians! It can't be that tall of an order, right? Check it.


  1. Well, they haven't reformed that much! I tried to get my blog included and I basically got stiffed! I don't know what happened, but my application got lost somewhere in limbo. Since then I've taken their link off my site. So I don't share your enthusiasm for "Presbyterian Bloggers." I'm glad you're blogging for them, though. Maybe you can add a little light to the darkness there.

  2. Try it again Fred or write to Saralyn (Houdini Hips blog) directly. I think she is handling the webring on the site...

  3. PS as for the darkness..I guess it depends which end of the tunnel you are in...

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Thanks for the response, Stushie. I tried again using the Ringsurf site and got a message saying I'm already a member--only I'm not. I must be at the dark end of the tunnel.:-) I tried to contact Saralyn, but her email is not on her blog. Could you give her my email address and ask her to contact me? I'd really like to join my PCUSA sisters and brothers in "Presbyterian Bloggers." Thanks for your help. My email address is: RevFred38(at)

  6. This is great. We are moving to China and I was fearing PCUSA withdrawl.This will help me stay connected. I'm sure they have some sort of med for this. I'm glad you're blogging, I can keep up with my "virtual Pastor"!

  7. Moving to China? Wow! I thought I was making a big change when I moved the furniture around in my office.

    Have a great adventure, Sara. Thanks for virtuality you'll be in touch!

    Be sure to let Shuck and Jivers know how things are going over there.