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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My New Hero: T. Boone Pickens

OK, so he is a Republican. All for big business. He made his billions peddling oil. He plans to vote for BushMcCain. What is to like?

He likes wind. He is willing to put up some money--a lot of it--to begin to move us to renewable energy. Check out the article about Pickens in today's USA Today. Visit the Pickens Plan.

I have lived in Eastern Montana. There is nothing there, but the wind blows. It blows and blows and blows all through the prairie and that wind can be harnessed for some serious energy.

Pickens knows that the planet will not produce any more oil than what it currently does--85 million barrels per day. It has peaked. It doesn't matter if you go after oil in Alaska or not. That is all we are getting and it will gradually drop while world demand increases.

It is time to get serious about alternative and renewable sources of energy on a big scale. If it takes a corporate raider to get it going, then so be it.


  1. I haven't looked into this Mr. Pickens yet, but I seen his commercial as well. I think his idea sounds pretty good. He wants to keep jobs here in the states by producing wind power. It sounds good to me, but I need to look into it more.

  2. You know, all the oil companies need to do is find a way to control distribution of energy created by wind, solar, etc., to "satisfy their stakeholders". T.Boone's probably working on that, too.

    I'm glad to see him doing this. It's like everything else - change won't come from the radical elements. It will come when the mainstreak finally realizes what is at stake for them - or when they just get tired of hearing the bad news all the time.

    I.m brewing a letter for the JCPress to offset the morons who wrote in calling for the destruction of ANWR.

  3. Old joke:

    Why is North Dakota so windy?

    Because Montana blows and Minnesota sucks.