Shuck and Jive

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mullet Monday with the Twins!

Gassy Night with the Twins was rained out. Do not despair Elizabethton Twins fans! Just a week from tonight is Mullet Monday!
The longest mullet and funniest redneck joke contest will begin at 6PM. Free E-Twins tattoos for the first 100 fans

Can't beat that kind of fun, can you? So all the First Presbys with their mullets will be headed to the ballpark on Monday, July 28th to watch the Twins take on Kingsport.

Hopefully, Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein will show up with his League of Mullets fan club!


  1. Is that like a real tattoo, or is it one of those water based ones? I'm just thinking that if everyone up there is walking around with a real live E-Twins tattoo, it might explain why the boys like playing there so much.

  2. lol. Probably water based, but you never know!