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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Problem Solved. Let's Go Home.

The MadPriest makes the most sense of the day with The Answer. The Anglicans are in a fuss about gay cooties just like the Presbys. Same problem, different kind of political structure. MP writes:

Group 1 wants the full inclusion of GBLT people.
Group 2 wants to continue regarding GBLT people as sinful and barred from ecclesiastical office.

The prognosis:
If Group 2 wins GBLT people will be excluded from the Church.
If Group 1 wins nobody will be excluded from the Church unless they exclude themselves.

In other words, if Group 1 wins, Group 2 will have to live with it.

Is this possible?

Yes.... (Read More)


  1. I know that dear, wicked, rascal MP means the best. But, I think the situation is alot more complicated on the ground.

    You see, the folks in group 2 feel that this whole issue of sexuality is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. You might as well say that they pretty much think TEC is headin to Hell in a handbasket, fallen into heresy and apostasy.

    And, unfortunately the progressive Christian people in group 1 have not been able to persuade most folks in group two that they are every bit as committed to the gospel, and the historic witness of the AC.

    So now, we are at this impasse, together.

  2. Group 2 also has problems with women bishops. Anglicans will have to give up flirting with Rome.

  3. Hey Grace,

    I don't think MP was talking about a solution, just stating the reality.

    Group 1 will keep doing what it is doing and Group 2 (either as individuals or as some kind of collection--I am thinking of the PCUSA now) will at some point either grudgingly accept Group 1 or find a way to break away.

    John, I suppose, but I don't know much about that kettle of fish.

    I wrote the following comment on Mark Roberts' blog

    One thing I have learned is that I cannot make any decisions regarding what anyone else should or can do. No one seems particularly interested in anyone else’s grand plan (or not enough are interested to make any plan happen).

    For me, I will just live with what we have and who we are. I will work for more “justice” and stay in communion with those who work for more “righteousness.” Some will decide differently.

    We may not like the pain and the fighting that goes on with this struggle, but it is what we have in front of us and probably will be for quite some time to come.