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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Report on Candlelight Service

We held a candlelight service for our sister congregations in Knoxville. Rev. Jacqueline Luck of HVUUC is a marvelous colleague. We participated in a service together for about 60 or folks from both congregations and from the community at large.

We lit six candles for the two individuals who have died, and four for those who are still in the hospital. Jacqueline said a bit about each of them as she ministered personally to them and their families the day of the shooting.

Everyone lit a candle and some shared a thought or a prayer.

The media was at the church. Here is an
article in the Johnson City Press.

Jacqueline will be on 910 AM WJCW tomorrow morning at 7:40.

It is important for congregations who are holding these services to be in the media. The public needs to know that congregations are active and providing a healing presence.

We remember:

Linda Kraeger
Greg McKendry

We are keeping the following in our prayers who are at UT Med Center:

Jack Barnhart
Linda Chavez
Tammy Sommers
Joe Barnhart

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