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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Advisory Opinion from Constitutional Services

The Department of Constitutional Services of the Office of the General Assembly has posted an advisory opinion on the actions of the 218th GA regarding ordination standards. Check it.

Regarding the removal of the AI:

What this means is that this identical wording from those 1978 and 1979 predecessor bodies is no longer in effect: “For the church to ordain a self-affirming, practicing homosexual person to ministry would be to act in contradiction to its charter and calling in Scripture, setting in motion both within the church and society serious contradictions to the will of Christ” (Presbyterian Church in the United States, 1979, 201; United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, 1978, 261).

No further force or effect. Thank you very much!

Interesting sentence here regarding the scruple issue:

We believe this modifies the 2008 GAPJC decision of Bush v. Presbytery of Pittsburgh, in that the scrupling of either belief or practice is now allowed.

Yeah, baby. Sessions, presbyteries, CPMs, COMs: Do it! Do not prejudice your candidates because they are glbt. All the anti-gay rhetoric is history. Now you just have people before you, qualified candidates to serve the church. Let them serve!

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