Shuck and Jive

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Gotta love the Wineskins. They wrote that the actions of the 218th GA are schismatic. Hmmm. This from a group that actually foments schism. Ah well.

For the next year or so presbyteries will be deciding whether or not to include the new, improved G-6.0106b into the Book of Order. I am hopeful, more than I have been in the past that it will pass.

The more that opponents to this amendment trash the General Assembly, use militaristic language against other Presbyterians, and make a big stinking scene, the more folks far to the right of me will see that this amendment is nothing of which to be afraid, but something to embrace.

Even if the amendment loses, well, we did make progress on that hurtful language that has shadowed us for 30 years. If "B" doesn't change, there is always the next General Assembly and the next after that. That is not a threat. It is simply a matter of Presbyterians across the country getting it. What are they getting?

They are getting that language of spiritual abuse towards God's children who happen to be sexual or gender minorities is no longer acceptable. Second-class status in church and culture is no longer acceptable. A new day is dawning.

Eventually, even the conservatives will get it, too. The Wineskins call the GA schismatic. The Layman calls its troops to arms. Others use military and apocalyptic rhetoric as well. They need to let off steam, I suppose. Bluster is nothing more than bluster.

In the end, the new, inclusive Presbyterian Church (imagine that!) will include the (former) blusterers as well. What is humbling is that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Christians will be the first to welcome them with open arms.


  1. As far as schismatics go, is their argument "we of all people should know what a schismatic looks like"?