Shuck and Jive

Monday, November 19, 2007

10,000 Villages a Big Success!

Had a great sale at the church over the weekend for 10,000 villages. Even the Monkey made an appearance and took photos! There were no brawls over the merchandise, although there was heartbreak after the sale of the last rain stick...


  1. Thank you all who joined me in the purchase of '10,000' goodies and gifts.


    Thank You ...for the heavenly 'squeeze boxer' and her LIVE musical accompaniment ...and for the added blessing of the several children of FPC-E ...who's 'product demonstrations' helped lift a joyous noise. It helped make for a proper 'basement under card' after the beautiful 11AM presentation by our LIVE bell choir.


    Thank You the many VOLUNTEERS (Tennessean & otherwise) ...who continue to work tirelessly to share our LOVE & LIGHT with the world by providing the link between the Indigenous Artisans and the Indigenous Elizabethtonians.

    As is true with so much of FPC-E's ministry ...GOOD WORKS and GOOD TIMES help make GOD's word come ALIVE.