Shuck and Jive

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

This is just too sinful...

Thanks to Monkey Muck for this gem.

Apparently, Pat "The Righteous" Robertson has endorsed this figure to be the next president of the United States.

Perhaps we truly are in the last days?


  1. Amazing, no?

    Pat (the anti-Christ) Robertson doesn't even try to hide the fact that he's only in it for the money anymore.
    Never has there been a more prolific liar in the history of Christianity.

    Now, the proof is in the pudding, folks. Endorsing a cross dressing, incestuous hypocrite like Rudy has pulled back the veil for even the most intellectually challenged of brethren to see.

    Pat Robertson is a disgrace to Jesus, a disgrace to America and a disgrace to humanity in general.