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Monday, November 05, 2007

OK, So What is the Latest, Presbyweb?

My site meter is going nuts again with visits from Presbyweb. Since I am too cheap to subscribe, I don't know what the traffic is about. Welcome whoever you are and for whyever you are here!


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  2. (This time I used my spell check...)

    John, you're as cheap as I am, but I'm Scottish. You can sign up to Presbyweb for a free month's trial. Presbyweb have included your whine about the New Wineskins movement on their front page.

    BTW, the term 'winos' is quite derogatory and highly dismissive of alcoholics. I'm an ex-alcoholic and found your terminology highly offensive for those of us who struggle with it each day. Maybe you could call them New Whiners?

  3. Well, I'll be. I think Bill (bayou christian) owes me an apology:

    The Layman is now amongst its arguments bolstering the New ____s' exodus by claiming that the PC(USA) has gotten too fancy in worship (their complaint is that it is borrowing some things from the Anglicans, like celebrating "Holy Days"!!!) and should instead return to the Regulative Principle of Worship that is a cornerstone of the (let's say it together):


    Machen lives!