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Friday, November 16, 2007

War On Christmas Has Begun in Elizabethton

I have looked with much interest at the advertisements for Christmas this year.

There are some companies who refuse to list in their ads any reference to Christmas; using Family and Holiday instead.

When there is no reference to Christ or Christmas, these companies are telling us they do not believe in honoring Christ's birth. We as consumers should not purchase Christmas gifts in their store.

There can be no Holiday without Christ, therefore, no gift purchase.

Please personally check each advertisement.

That's right, Carter County, merchants. That includes you, Wal-Mart! No Christ, No Sale.

You be messin' with this dude.

Thanks, Monkey!


  1. Hmm.. sounds like Elizabethton is the ideal shopping Mecca (sorry) for your Orthodox Presbyterian/New Wineskins type!

    People like this kill me. Does she not stop for a second to realize that in the very unlikely event that Jesus would be shopping this time of year, it would be for Hanukkah presents?

  2. Many, many, many years ago I remember an issue like this widely publicized here in the South Florida area. It was in regards to abbreviating Christmas with X-mas. I remember asking my mom about it, because it seemed to be quite a deal to have picketing, boycotting, etc., to what I, as a young child of about 11-12, thought was to be only a fun and celebratory time of year. When my mom explained to me that certain groups of people were upset because we were taking "Christ" out of Christmas, I was absolutely puzzled! Why you ask? Well, because when I was a child and I saw X-mas, I knew it was short for Christmas, and I had assumed the "X" represented the cross on which Christ was crucified. To me, the word and it's spelling meant NOTHING - it was my belief that remained the same. To this day, my beliefs and my faith hold true to myself, and I do not need to justify them to anyone. I accept and love, and even take lots of time to listen and learn, from the beliefs and faiths of others. Maybe instead of condemning others for the improper use of written holiday communication, we should reach out and just wish them a merry Christmas with a smile.

  3. By all means, I think we should encourage those who ONLY want to conspicuously consume in the name of Jesus Christ to stay home this Xmas (Christmas) holiday (holy-day.

  4. My high school Latin teacher had to explain to a group of angry parents (this was a "Christian" school) who complained about a fifth grader using "X-mas" in "The ABCs of Christmas" in the annual play that using "X" for "Christ" comes from the Chi Rho insignia that consists of the first two letters in Greek of Christ (XP), which was also the insignia of the first Roman Emperor who was Christian, Constantine I.

    X literally stands for Christ in Greek.