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Monday, November 26, 2007

Westar Spring Meeting

Westar has released its lineup for the Spring Meeting in Santa Rosa, California. It will be quite a hit parade:

Marcus Borg, John Shelby Spong, Amy-Jill Levine, Karen Armstrong, Milton Moreland, Sean Freyne, and Ann Graham Brock will all present! Wow! If you haven't been to a Westar gathering before, this would be a good one to check out!

They have published some new books as well.

I am thinking the parables book would be a good one for our Thursdays with Jesus class.

"What if the purpose or function of a parable is not to instruct but to haunt?" So begins Listening to the Parables of Jesus, edited by Edward F. Beutner, who suggests that, from time to time, even scholars scratch their heads in puzzlement over the yin and yang of Jesus' parables.

It also contains a guide for group discussion.


  1. I live an hour's drive from Santa Rosa, but I always seem to have something going on that makes it hard for me to make it to one of their meetings. Maybe one of these years, I will check it out.

  2. This would be a good one to go (especially if you are interested in seeing Borg, Spong, Armstrong, etc.

    They have a nice set-up at the Flamingo or the Flaming O.