Shuck and Jive

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Name That Shuck Results!

The Name That Shuck contest has ended. Here are the results:

Fifty-three people surveyed...
Top four answers on the board...
Here is the tally...

Demonically Possessed Defiance 7%
A Secular Humanist in Sheep's Clothes 24%
Left-Leaning Gadfly 28%
A Full-Fledged Child of the Enlightenment 39%

Yes, I am a Full-Fledged Child of the Enlightenment!

I kind of like that.

I have added some pics from folks in our congregation and links and other stuff to the right of this blog. Enjoy!


  1. I voted for the 'winner' because I happily challenge anyone to point to any individual living in a modern society who isn't a child of the Enlightenment. Even the Postmoderns are children of the Enlightenment. I mean, what are the other options? Children of the Homeric/heroic age? Children of the Dark Ages? Children of Heian-era Japan? Not to admit that we're children of the Enlightenment is like pretending our history never happened, or that we somehow escaped its influence, when our institutions and political systems and economies somehow didn't...

  2. I was thinking that all along as well. I did like the left-leaning gadfly, though...

  3. I kinda liked "Demonically Possessed Defiance"

    I mean, just look at that hat!


  4. That is a demonic hat all right. And that smirk, what is with that?

  5. Hey, it puts you in with Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and (gasp!) John Witherspoon, so consider it good company, John!