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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Thanksgiving Saint

Here is one of my favorite saints.

Her name is Libby Harvey and she is the director of A.R.M. in Carter County.

The Elizabethton Star printed an article about A.R.M., its volunteers and its services. A.R.M. stands for "Assistance and Resource Ministries" and it provides everything from food assistance to help with heating bills, clothing, furniture, you name it.

The need is increasing and thanks to joyful, optimistic, and faithful saints like Libby, people give. She has a way about her that brings out the generosity in others.

Happy Thanksgiving, Libby!

Here is the article by Greg Miller of the Star:

Volunteers are the "core" of the efforts of Assistance and Resource Ministries, according to Libby Harvey, the organization's director.
"The very essence or being of any nonprofit is volunteers," Harvey stated.

ARM currently has more than 40 volunteers, according to Harvey. "Some come in like once every two weeks, whenever they can," she said. "Some are on a regular schedule every week. All of our volunteers come in when they can. They're quite dedicated and energetic to help."

Some of ARM's clients serve as volunteers. "They come in and they see the need and they have the time," Harvey said. "Some just pitch in right then and help get the boxes out and sort the clothes."

In addition to working as ARM's director, Harvey also serves as a volunteer for the organization and enjoys being able to assist in that capacity. "It makes you feel good to be able to do that," she said.

"It makes you feel thankful that you're able to go physically and be able move about," Harvey continued. "As we get older, we have to move slower, but we can still benefit others."

Churches provide some of the organization's volunteers, who represent many churches, Harvey said.

Harvey says there is "no ceiling" on the number of volunteers needed by the organization. "We need them all," she remarked. "We need the young. We need the energetic. We need movers and pushers. We need the ones that are steady and slow, too."

One volunteer, Harvey observes, "is real good about having prayer with clients that need it."

Availability is a great asset for a volunteer, according to Harvey, who said some volunteers can even serve from home using their telephone. "We welcome anybody to fill out an application," Harvey said. "We try to work around whatever disability a person may have."

For more information about serving as a volunteer, call 542-0919.

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