Shuck and Jive

Friday, November 23, 2007

See Me Dance For Peace!

Hey Kids,

Just in time for the Season, click here to watch me dance!

Here is a pic of me and some others (who prefer to remain anonymous)dancing for peace at the United Religions Initiative Thanksgiving Dinner.

You can read more about URI. It was a potluck. We were supposed to bring a dish from our own cultural tradition. Being a fast-food connoisseur and spiritual avant garde,

I brought Buddha Pizza. Lots of veggies.

It was a great night with great tunes.

Linda Sorrell (with braid) organized the event. The woman in black is my new friend and colleague, Jacqueline Luck, the new minister at Holston Valley UU

It's Luck and Shuck, your East Tennessee radicals.

We danced for peace and by gum, we will do it again.

This Sunday evening from 7-8 at First Pres., we will be led in Dances for Universal Peace by First Presby., Rebecca.

Read here for more information and join us!