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Friday, November 16, 2007

Jesus Wants You To Shop the Ten Thousand Villages

First Presbyterian of Elizabethton knows how to put CHRIST in your Christmas. The Ten Thousand Villages Festival Sale starts at 8 a.m. tomorrow (Saturday, Nov. 17)! Also, Sunday from 1 pm to 3 pm. There will even be some African drumming to keep you in that shopping rhythm Sunday afternoon.

This is a Fair Trade Sale. Proceeds will go to artisans from countries that have had the crap kicked out of them by "Christ-Centered" corporate interests.

This is from the Ten Thousand Villages Website:

In the end though, the real definition of our fair trading, and the proof of its effectiveness, is demonstrated in the stories of the artisans we get to know.

Maya Halder, a woman who lives in Agailjhara, Bangladesh and makes palm leaf star garlands for Ten Thousand Villages, is a good example of what we strive to accomplish through alternative fair trade.

She said this to Anita Fieguth, an MCC volunteer living and working in Bangladesh at the time:

“We are poor distressed women working at Keya Palm to build our lives. By working together we are able to overcome our problems. We become united in one mind. We will send our children to school with our earnings. Also, we are able to purchase our food and clothing. From our profits, we plow our gardens and cultivate crops, we repair our houses and plant trees.”

At Ten Thousand Villages we want our fair trade to enable artisans like Maya Halder to overcome their problems, to send their children to school, to afford adequate food and clothing and to improve the quality of their lives and thair communities. Fair trade gives Maya hope for the future.

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