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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hoods and Miscreants?

Thanks to First Presby, Vivian, for this letter in today's Johnson City Press.

Poor choice of words
This letter is in response to City Commissioner Steve Darden’s comment about the kids at the skate park being “hoods and miscre
ants.” I find his choice of words in describing this segment of our youth population to be offensive and degrading.

The trouble with labeling people is that it becomes true in its consequences. In other words, people who are labeled hoods and miscreants begin to actually feel like hoods and miscreants. And people who feel like hoods and miscreants tend to become hoods and miscreants. I would prefer to see an elected official display more understanding and thoughtfulness for all segments of our population, especially the ones who do not feel they have a voice.

Johnson City

Here is the original article.

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