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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blogging Around

Is the Gospel for straights only? Heather Reichgott has a great post on the Presbyterian Right's reductio absurdum of the gospel of Jesus Christ to heterosexuality.

Haven't heard enough about Creationism (oops, ID?) Fred posts on a review of the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Been over to Tim's blog recently? He is such a nice guy. He is thoughtful, spiritual, and straight friendly.

Give Snad a good word. She lost her good friend Moses and wrote about him here.

Click Jay's pumpkin for a Halloween wish . (He has many other great posts as well!)

Joan Calvin wants to know how to (or if she should) get her church web happy.

Lee the Pisky is having trouble with his yard signs.

My blog friend who hosts one of the best theological blogs on the web, Mystical Seeker, could be taking an extended break. Make sure you show your appreciation before that happens.

You know Alan from his insightful and on target and take no bs comments on this blog. He has his own you know! Check this post about Facts, Hypotheses, Theories, and Laws.

Sara has some pics of her life in China.

Audrey has a review of the movie, W.

Alex has a cool little slide thing on her blog with pics of kids and fam on Saturday.

Missy has the Greatest Action Story Ever Told. Hasta la vista, Baby Jeebus.

Because there simply aren't enough jokes about the Trinity, here is Andrew.

Welcome to the Monkey House! Psst. Jesus is in the basement!

That should keep you busy for a while.


  1. I always meet a lot of interesting bloggers over here. You do attract an interesting assortment of us.

    I must admit to having special mad love for Tim at Straight Friendly.

    And yes- Jesus is indeed the basement, I am sure of it. I wish I lived closer and could bring my "Divine Divining Rod" over there.

  2. Hey Fran,

    I would have linked to you too! You all need to visit Fran.

    The Divine Divining Rod does sound interesting.

  3. Thanks for the link. I'd love more advice (and thanks for yours!)

  4. Please - I have been blessed with many visitors.

    Whether they have been blessed or broken by visiting... that is another story!

    It did come to me spontaneously, but I do think that the DDR has some potential.