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Monday, October 13, 2008

Don't Tell Mom You're An Atheist

This is pretty funny. I found it over at Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth. This is an interesting and helpful site. In fact, this is a great site. Great pictures and links. I would suggest it for a confirmation class.

(But don't tell mom).


  1. Well, ok, you don't like N.T. Wright. What about your old professor from Princeton then, Dr.Bruce Metzer?? He had plenty to say about the alleged pagan origins of the Christ myth, as you know. :)

    Actually, John, I have every trust in you for the long term.

    "Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Jesus Christ." Phil. 1:6.
    Ahh! Now I am really, and truly out of here, ((John Shuck.))


  2. That video is not funny. That lady is a nut and gives theists a bad name.

    Good riddance Grace.

    I don't get you and Adel. You guys try so hard to get John and others to see things your way. Why is it so important for you to convert us to your beliefs and worldview?

    Are you still and evolution denier?

  3. Rachel,

    The video is probably for many a little too close to home. The funny part for me was: "You don't believe in God!?!?! Well, no Christmas presents for you!!!!"

    Blessings Grace, love ya.

  4. Interesting website. I read it all afternoon. Now my eyes burn and I didn't get a thing accomplished. I haven't finished so there goes tomorrow afternoon as well.

    Did you read some of the feedback comments on the site? People get very hostile when their "Truth" is threatened. In a way I envy Grace's ability to believe without question. It would be much easier on my feeble brain.

    I think I'll watch Star Wars tonight. It will clear the brain and all I have to believe in is "The Force".

  5. There's another thing that someone thinks you shouldn't tell mom - that you named her newborn daughter "Sarah McCain Palin Ciptak, when she thinks you both agreed on Ava Grace Ciptak! Check it out in today's JC Press. Wouldn't'cha know they live in Carter County!

  6. Now that Grace is through with you, John, I hope she doesn't take me on as her next project. Rachel is right. I don't understand either why it is so important for conservatives to get us progressives to agree with them.

  7. On the up-side, because you have a Rev. in front of your name, John, some folks tend to collect here like dust-bunnies, rather than bugging us poor stupid sheep ... er... I mean ... laypeople at our blogs. ;)

    See? You do an important service on the internet. :)

  8. Whaat, is this? I'm not on permanent hiatus, just taking a break.

    Dust bunnies, "Good Riddance.." Even Fred doesn't want me around.

    Boo Hoo! John, the pain of rejection. :( Crushed!

    Hey, hope you know you're not just a project to me, and I've enjoyed, and been challenged by our discussions.

    I am concerned and grieved though. Can't hide that.

    Fred, if I would be your pastor, I'[d probably be camped out on your doorstep by now, the perpetual dinner guest.

    Sara, I don't think faith is the absence of doubt. Heck, there are times, I can get up on the wrong side of the bed, and wonder what happened to God.

    But, He holds on to us, not the other way around. We can rest in Him!