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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Edwards Awaits Verdict

The trial for Rev. Janet Edwards has concluded and the verdict is scheduled to be announced later today. Rev. Edwards has been accused of violating scripture and the constitution for marrying two women. According to reports from More Light Presbyterians, the prosecution was pretty lame. Should be a slam dunk not guilty verdict.


  1. Not guilty, 0 to 9.

    Haven't read the decision yet though.

  2. Still haven't seen it, but the early word from my husband is that it is a similar decision to Janie's: you can't get in trouble for doing something that isn't described in the Book of Order

    I'm surprised they didn't just throw the thing out, based on the prosecutors complete incompetence.

    I wonder, BTW, just how many of the 13 co-signers of the charges bothered to show up at the trial. Sounds like no one. Glad they took their "moral duty" so seriously.

    As I just wrote on my blog, I'm beginning to think this bumbling Keystone Kop routine is actually part of their strategy.

  3. Good news from Pittsburgh, Janet has been acquitted of all charges and she succeeded in making this trial a teaching moment.

  4. Thanks Darcy and Alan. Enjoyed the post, Alan. Incompetence As Strategy. We have had eight years of that...

  5. Hi John!

    Summary of the decision is now up at