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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Klein on Colbert

Naomi Klein author of the important book, The Shock Doctrine, was on Stephen Colbert. H/T Rumbles.

PCUSA officials have written a letter to the church calling us to

make clear to our legislators and to those whose are charged with the management of this nation's financial resources that any recovery of fiscal accountability must be accompanied with moral accountability for the unfortunate, so that the burdens and blessings of the future are fairly shared.
This book will be a valuable resource in regards to what we are up against. The Shock Doctrine was referenced by three different speakers as a must read at the Presbyterian Peacemaking Conference. See here and here.


  1. If you haven't read it yet tell Snad I told her to loan you my copy.

  2. Thanks, Dr. I have a copy and have read about half of it.

  3. I just finished it (and an audio version is available on Audible in case you want to put your commute time to good use). Absolutely brilliant. Depressing, but brilliant.