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Monday, October 20, 2008

I'll Be Glad When the Election is Over

Check out Fran's blog in regard to this story:

On the eve of early voting, an Obama supporter’s car was vandalized in rural western Hays County, Texas.The Obama bumper sticker was torn off, a 20-lb rock was put through the back window, two Obama yard signs were shoved through the hole in the rear window and “Obama” was badly spray-painted in orange along the drivers side door. Hays County Sheriffs Deputies spent several hours dusting the scene of the crime for fingerprints and gathering other evidence. Onlookers identified this incident as a hate crime and possible voter intimidation.


  1. I wish you did not have to link to me - what a sad day this is.

    And Obama is called a terrorist or at least a supporter of terrorism? And this happens?

  2. If that is pro_american, then I guess I'm glad to be the opposite!

  3. It's a sad day when shit like this goes on in our country.

  4. It seems in the last few days that the ugly, ugly stuff is coming to the surface.

  5. We just arrived in the States for a very short visit. I can't believe the political atmosphere. What is going on? One of my Republican friends told me if Obama is elected it will be the end of this country. I'm glad I'll be safely on the other side of the planet for the election.

  6. "What is going on? One of my Republican friends told me if Obama is elected it will be the end of this country" (Sara)

    I chalk that one up to inflated patriotism within the USA. I am a Canadian and I like my country - but I am not 'ga ga go go' for it. It seems like there are some extreme attitudes concerning the place of America in this world - and some people in America give it an 'inflated sense of esteem'.

  7. A lot what is going on here is good old fashioned racism. The reality is sinking in that Barack Obama is going to the next President and the Republicans are desperate and will (as they are wont to do) resort to bigotry of all kinds to intimidate and to get votes.

    This is intimidation. And it won't work.

    Barack Obama is the next president and white bigoted racists are going to call him, "Sir."

  8. Last night on Democracy Now! I heard about voter intimidation at predominately black polling places in West Virginia, a canvasser for Obama in WI getting attacked by a homeowner, 30 cars at an Obama Rally in NC with tires slashed, and a group in CO trying to block Palin's motorcade.

    It is going to get worse over the next 12 days. I am hoping, like John does for the PC(USA) that the silent majority will say ENOUGH! and start demanding that people behave decently. I just hope it is sooner rather than later.