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Friday, October 10, 2008

Jesus Was a Community Organizer

This is from Trina Zelle of the Witherspoon Society. You will find the whole article and other great ones in the current issue of Network News. The articles can be accessed individually:

Jesus Was a Community Organizer:

When it comes to the future of the very good legislative work done at the San Jose General Assembly, this same principle is in play. We know that the majority of Presbyterians are tired of the scorched earth machinations of the hard right. Year after year, General Assembly commissioners vote for common ground candidates. This past assembly took it a step further with votes to move toward restoring the Heidelberg Catechism to a more accurate translation, to remove the infamous 1978 and 1979 statements of "definitive guidance," and to propose amending the exclusionary "Amendment B" (G-6.0106b in our Book of Order).

Now it’s up to us – the rank and file of the denomination – to make sure that the decisions made in good faith by a majority of representatives are implemented rather than subverted as they have been in the past. This can only be done if two thirds of the presbyteries affirm the San Jose decisions. This can only happen if there is sufficient turnout at those same meetings. And this will only take place if those of us who care the most make the effort to reach out to the members in the middle who are looking for a reason to vote for justice.

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