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Sunday, October 26, 2008

McCain Announces Staff

I found this in Lark News (the official news source for the Guild of Biblical Minimalists):

McCain would appoint 12-year-old
Christian girl as Secretary of State

ST. PAUL — The reaction to John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin for vice presidential nominee has been so positive among grass-roots conservatives that the McCain campaign is quickly moving to name even more young evangelical leaders to a potential McCain cabinet.
Yesterday John McCain stood next to Meghan Crandall and announced he would appoint the 12-year-old Girl Scout as Secretary of State, should he win the election.
"She’s a beautiful Christian girl with a lot of spunk and promise," he said. "She has demonstrated strong executive leadership as student leader of Girl Scout troupe 312 and proven toughness selling cookies door to door."

McCain also has his eye on a promising supreme court nominee and a candidate for chief of staff:
Being considered for chief of staff: precocious 13-year-old Danny Anderson, a Bible Quiz champion and burgeoning leader at Pleasant Oaks Christian School in Pittsburgh, Pa.

And for the Supreme Court McCain says he would strongly consider Judy Brumford, a 43-year-old Sunday school teacher from Cleveland, given her "years of Bible knowledge, common sense and experience running the Sunday school department."
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