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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Do You Want Four More Years of "Nucular"?

Folksy Sarah Palin with her gonnas and shouldas and nucular is a scary prospect for the English language. Just sayin', doncha know.


  1. I heard it. I'm beginning to think that's how you say it.

  2. Biden's best moment? When he said, "Cheney has probably been the most dangerous VP in American history."

  3. I heard nuqkiler.

    She did good. Which is a relief. Because the only way for McCain to win is to dump her.

    It is going to be much harder for him to do that now.

    Isn't it cute though, the way she winks at you and flirts with you right through the camera?... She may not be a natural president, but she is a natural movie star. Give her a decent script, and she will win an Oscar.

    Or a preacher! Give her a decent sermon to preach and even >I< would walk down the isle.

  4. It was a better debate than the McCain-Obama one. My heart went out to Joe Biden when he almost broke down speaking about the crash and bringing up his boys.

    Sarah Palin did well and I think that the two of them are much better than their leaders. If Biden-Palin was the ticket, they would win by a massive landslide because they both represent a lot of Americans.

  5. Palin seems to have won but not losing. At least that's the way a PBS analyst put it. The expectation was that she would self-destruct, and by not doing that, she won.

    I do think this was a much more entertaining debate than Obama/McCain. Palin she does "flirt through the camera," don'cha know there. wink-wink
    But based on substance and content, Biden won by a wide margin.

    A Biden/Palin ticket! What a riot that would be. I'd be praying for Joe's health at every spare moment.

  6. I've always wanted to vacation in Alaska, but if that's actually how people talk, I'm not sure I could stand it. And that's coming from a "Meeechigaaaaaander." I know what we upper Midwesterners sound like, and it isn't nearly that baaaaayd. :)

    I almost prefer Gore's Forest Gump-like delivery.

  7. If Biden-Palin was the ticket, they would win by a massive landslide because they both represent a lot of Americans.

    This is even weirder than the suggestion of a Ron Paul-Dennis Kucinich ticket I heard this summer.

  8. The two words I fear most:


  9. Ok, that lady is officially a nut job.

    I didn't like it when she implied the average American male is an alcoholic (Joe Six-pack???)

    But now she says that Obama is buddies with terrorists?

    Is she out of her bleeping mind? Who is she trying to make points with? Women whose husbands sit at home in front of the TV drinking beer? How many votes is that?

    The lipstick on this rabid pitbull is beginning to look more like the Joker's lipstick.

  10. Considering that her husband is part of the Alaska Independence Party, whose leader said "I'm an Alaskan, not an American. I've got no use for America or her damned institutions" and for whose convention, she herself gave a televised welcome, telling the AIP delegates to "keep up the good work", does she really want to go there?