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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shuck and Jive Friends Write to Marry

Of the over 400 bloggers who have written on Write to Marry, I particularly enjoy #415: Let Gay People Be Equally Miserable:
Marriage is a sacred institution. Many people get married every day. An equal number seem to get divorced every day. I have been married to the same person for 17 years. It’s gotten kind of boring but I am too fat and lazy to divorce him and find someone else. Plus, I would have to get a job and support myself and I don’t see that happening. I scream at him a lot and nag at him to keep the fire going. Occasionally, he does something wonderful that makes me remember why I married him, but mostly it’s a lot of screaming and nagging. It seems to work for us.

Why should straight people have all the fun?
And a few bloggers who have shucked and jived with us on occasion have written some posts as well. Our beloved Fran is #118:
For me it is pretty simple. Anyone who reads this blog knows my feelings and opinions on this subject. I don't censor comments but I will say that while I respect that some folks may feel otherwise, no comments against LGBT marriage are welcome here on this post today.
Fran's post is filled with pics, and a video, and lots of linky love.

Doxy is at #139, Save the Heterosexual Females!:

Well...if same-sex marriage had been available in 1987 (when I got married the first time), it probably would have saved me from one divorce.

Maybe P., who was gay, might have been able to envision a marriage to his long-term partner (17 years and counting...) and not put both of us through the wrenching pain of divorce. Maybe he wouldn't have had people at church telling him that the way to deal with his homosexual attractions was to marry me...

So save straight women from divorce! Vote NO! on California's Proposition 8.
Cecilia In the Closet (hardly) is #132 and writes to evangelical hot shot Rick Warren:
Dear Pastor Warren,

How do you justify exclusion in the name of your faith, when the Lord and Savior you claim preached and lived a gospel of inclusion and welcome? Why do you stand with the vast majority when Jesus took his stand continually with those who were powerless?
Drew is #341: Say No!
I will again challenge anyone at all in the world to find one good argument why the state should recognize only marriages and/or unions between a man and woman as the only legally justifiable domestic partnerships. No one has answered this challenge in numerous different debate forums except for dogmatic religious asertions that are unconstitutional and/or an appeal to tradition which is arbitrary and irrational. This is the time to make our collective claim to justice and to do the right thing!
I couldn't find Alan's # but his post is here:
Trust me, these amendments are not about gay marriage. We here in Michigan know this is much more far-reaching and insidious than that (as I've said in posts regarding our State's constitutional ban against gay marriage here, here, here, and here.) Once the fundies ban marriage they'll use these amendments to go after any domestic partnership benefits, gay OR STRAIGHT, and that's just the beginning (adoption, cohabitation, etc.) This isn't just my opinion and it isn't paranoid rhetoric. This has happened and is happening in states with gay marriage bans. The evidence is clear, we've got the court cases here in Michigan to prove how these folks operate. The fundies want to run everyone else's lives, and they're willing to lie about their so-called marriage protection amendments to do it. We've seen them do it here in Michigan.

Want to make a difference in your state? Talk to your straight friends about how these amendments will restrict their lives. Talk about health care. Talk about hospital visitation rights. Talk about estate planning. Talk about adoption rights. Talk about those issues, not just in the context of gay couples, but how those rights will be denied to any straight couple who does not conform to the far right's notion of an Ozzie and Harriet family.
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  1. I am thrilled to be considered a friend of Shuck and Jive! Thanks for the shout-out...and thanks for all you do to protect the rights of ALL people. That's my idea of what the Kingdom of God looks like.


  2. A friend you are! Cheers back at ya and thanks for the post!