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Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Letter from the Mod

PCUSA moderator, Bruce Reyes-Chow, posted a letter sent by him and other denominational officials regarding the economic situation. The letter includes this important paragraph:
As followers of Jesus Christ, let us join in a call to our own people and to our fearful nation to hear God's word that "perfect love casts out fear;" and let us look anew at our economic system-one which has been immensely productive in many respects, but which has tended to favor the strong and aggressive, often at great cost to the weak. Let us all repent of our own decisions, both personal and corporate, regarding our use of the earth's resources and of the financial resources of which we have been made stewards. And let us make clear to our legislators and to those whose are charged with the management of this nation's financial resources that any recovery of fiscal accountability must be accompanied with moral accountability for the unfortunate, so that the burdens and blessings of the future are fairly shared.
Thanks, Bruce. Good words.


  1. You know what's nice about that paragraph? It's inclusive. It has a hopeful outlook, but it's also calling for self-examination of the listener, but not in a finger-pointing way. It's not just blaming those in charge, but calling for a univeral responsibility.

  2. Good observations. That is what I like about it as well.