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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Did Jesus Exist?

A provocative question, that. You might be interested in the discussion between Thomas Verenna and James McGrath regarding this puzzler. James even made a movie about it. Granted, not much action in the film but he selected a fine actor to play himself.


  1. Is this a trick question? Because I know there are a ton of guys named Jesus who have brown skin and who the atuhorities, both religious and secular, hate with a passion.

  2. An astute theological observation, Dr. You have pointed out how Jesus "exists" in the most important way--in the lives of those who are oppressed and hated who yet claim dignity and hope.

  3. Of course Jesus existed. Go to Israel and ask any Ultra-Orthodox Jew, and if they will even speak to a Christian (which most of them won't), they'll be happy to brag about the fact that they murdered him then destroyed any and all trace of his existence in an attempt to quiet his believers.
    Including but not limited to his Generals and his family.

    This one's easy, guys. All you have to do is look at Israel (and our present administration) today to see exactly what kind of treacherous, self-serving vermin Jesus fell victim to.

    By way of deception indeed.

    Other than that, no one would have recorded all those generations from King David (another biblical figure of which no evidence exists) to Joseph as a funny and cool joke to play.

    When you consider the people who victimized Jesus and the fact that they are masters of deception, you realize that no physical evidence of Jesus' existence is all the evidence one needs.