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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hoo Ha for Mississippi

The Presbytery of Mississippi (a bastion for progressive thinking) voted 49-2 against amendment B. Gloats the LayMAN:
The Presbytery of Mississippi, with a 49-2 vote against amending G-6.0106b, has run the early tally in the national referendum to three to none.
Kudos to the 2. Yikes.

All right team. 173 rounds to play total. The good guys are down three zip. The fundies have made a couple of early scores.

The LayMAN has a tally. They are really pretty anal about all of this.

Perhaps like Chuck Colson, they think the passage of amendment B will be like the failure of Proposition 8 in California.


Good Lord, precious Jesus, there are
gays among us!

I will have you know. Here is where Jesus stands:

And yes on Amendment B!


  1. 1. As many of us have seen over the years, the right likes to get out the vote on these things early to "build momentum."

    2. The GA asked Presbyteries to do discernment processes before voting on this. One wonders how that went in Mississippi. I have heard folks on the right are saying that if churches actually do these discernment processes, they're concerned that they'll loose.

    So, be sure that your Presbytery has an opportunity to see and discuss what they are voting FOR: the New B -- New, Improved, 125% more Reformed and Presbyterian.

    (And if those 2 are reading... Kudos. But I hope it was a secret ballot.)

  2. I liked this sentence:

    "The LayMAN has a tally. They are really pretty anal about all of this."

    Those who are obsessed with homosexuality just want to be homosexuals anyway...they just don't know it yet. To the Lay Committee I say "Come out! In the name of Jesus."

  3. Esp the headline, "Presbyteries vote for fifth time on sex issues".

    I had no idea.

    And yes, the Mississippi Presbytery (which keeps sending overtures to send money to the Likud Party, etc) voting against this is like Utah voting for McCain-Palin.


  4. It's democracy in action...I guess we should all be thankful we get to vote and even campaign.