Shuck and Jive

Sunday, July 08, 2007

enRaptured in Johnson City

Here is a photo of us at the Acoustic Coffeehouse last night in Johnson City. It was a party for the planet. Sandra has more details at ConcernedTNCitizens. There has been some cynicism and criticism of the Live Earth concerts and such. So what? It is inspiring to watch people become aware.

I met new friends in my rapture spoof. David Chadwick has a great site, The Crooked Cucumber.


  1. I enjoyed all the hoopla over here for the past few days. Applause, applause!

    When my father lived in Bakersville, NC I used to fly into Johnson City when I visited; sometimes I landed at the bus station. Them's beautiful mountains you have there.

  2. Isn't the Johnson City Bus Station great? I ride the bus now and then myself. Here is a sermon about it.