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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Texas Survivor

Here is a challenge for you...

Drive across the state of Texas in a pink Dodge Neon with a huge bumper sticker that reads:

I'm Gay, I voted for Gore, and I'm out to get your Guns!


  1. The late, incomparably great Molly Ivins wrote (column included in You Got to Dance with Them What Brung You) regarding Ann Richards' unsuccessful reelection campaign against a ne'er-do-well named George W. Bush:
    "In addition, there was the God, guns and gays factor. As always, there was a campaign that ran below the radar, particularly in East Texas. Richards staffers dreamed up a game: Put a certain bumper sticker on your car and drive through East Texas, and whoever got back to Waco alive would be the winner. The bumper sticker would read, I'M THE QUEER ANN SENT HERE TO TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY."

    John, I love your blog, and Molly, we miss you.

  2. And s'he's the bravest person in the world (Bless its heart)!

  3. Hey Flycandler!

    Welcome! Thanks for visiting and commenting here and on my other posts. Thanks also for the history to that joke!

    I agree, Snad, she was a jewel.