Shuck and Jive

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Guy Walks into a Bar

Heard this one last night at the worship committee meeting...

A guy walks into a bar and he orders three pints of stout. The bartender pours him the three pints and he drinks them leisurely, one after the other.

He comes in the next night and does the same thing, and the night after that. The next night the bartender says, "You always order three pints at once. Why don't you order one at a time so they stay fresh?"

The guy says, "I made a promise to my two brothers that I left in Ireland that I would pour three stouts, one for each of us."

This goes on for several months. Three stouts every night.
One night, the guy comes in and orders two stouts.

Everyone in the bar notices. "Oh, oh, something's wrong," they whisper to one another.
The bartender asks the guy, "Hey, Buddy. You only ordered two stouts. I hope everything is OK."

The guy says, "Oh, no problem. I just became a Baptist so I no longer drink."


  1. Related joke from America: The Book by Jon Stewart and the Daily Show staff:

    "A priest, a rabbi and an imam walk into a bar. All are offended by what they see."