Shuck and Jive

Friday, July 27, 2007

Got Ten Minutes?

Better check out this video on YouTube. This is Christians United for Israel. Hat tip to Thoughts of a Minister.


  1. Holy Crap!

    That is really frightening!


  2. You can either laugh or be terrified, so I suppose I'll laugh. Did anyone else notice that...

    ...CUFI is one of the possible transliterations of "kufi", the head covering worn by Muslim men?

    ...the guy wearing the disgusting anti-gay t-shirt at the end is proudly waving the flag of a nation that has the most liberal GLBT rights laws in the region and allows GLBT soldiers to serve openly?

    ...Joe Lieberman (proudly bearing the standard of the Connecticut for Lieberman party) is now kissing the behind of Rick Man-On-Dog Santorum, yet wonders why Democrats voted for Ned Lamont?

    ...the one guy warns that if we leave Iraq, the Muslims will take over? (um... the government we put in place is run by Muslims)