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Monday, July 30, 2007

No Nukes

Our Peacemaking Committee Chair has reminded us of this event. It is organized by StoptheBombs. Also check here.

AUGUST 4, 2007

OREPA's Hiroshima/Nagasaki commemoration will take place over several days this August. The mass peace rally, march to the Y12 Nuclear Weapons Plant and Action for Abolition will take place on Saturday, August 4.

The Rally for peace, with music, speakers and puppetistas, will begin at 10:00am at Alvin K. Bissell Park in Oak Ridge, TN.

A March to the Y12 Nuclear Weapons plant will depart Bissell Park at 12:30pm.

***Preparations for Saturday activities, including peacekeeper training for volunteers, affinity group meetings, and puppet rehearsal, will be Friday, August 3 at Church of the Savior, 934 Weisgarber Rd in Knoxville, beginning at 6:00pm.

Annual Names/Remembrance ceremony will begin at 6:00am, Monday, August 6 at Y12 Plant in Oak Ridge.

Trial for Erik Johnson, Pam Beziat and Tom Lumpkin on charges from 2006 Hiroshima Day action scheduled for Wednesday, August 8 in Clinton, TN.

Annual Peace Lantern ceremony in Knoxville will be held at 8:15pm on Thursday, August 9.

A brochure will listing event will be posted soon.

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