Shuck and Jive

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Down and Dirty in Pittsburgh

Memorial Park Presbyterian Church and Pittsburgh Presbytery are in the courtroom. This is from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. There is quite a bit at stake for both parties, namely, seven million dollars worth of church property.


  1. Oh sure, bring the Bible into it.

    Next you'll be asking what would Jesus do?

    Then you'll bring up the golden rule and the greatest commandment.

    What do you think we are, spiritual or somethin'!

    We ain't! We are freakin' Christian!

    gimme my beef and my Hummer...

  2. No I am just trying to play in their sandbox. They say they need to leave the denomination because they are biblically based and they don't want to be with homos. But the lawsuit thing they started is one of the many things that show that it really has nothing to do with the bible and it about homophobia, egos and bringing glory/attention to themselves.