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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We Need a Catchy Slogan for Our Anniversary

First Presbyterian is celebrating 225 years. It was actually last year, but we are going to keep partying until we are plumb tuckered out. We need a slogan. It is a fill in the blank kind of thing.

First Presbyterian Church of Elizabethton: 225 Years of _________________

I suggested:
225 Years of Raising Hell.

It was promptly rejected by our committee on slogans. Sandra, inspired by Dr. Monkey suggested:
225 Years of Making Baby Jesus Cry.

The committee hasn't see that one yet. However, the odds of acceptance do not look good. Other suggestions from church members that are far more tasteful, include:
225 years of Truth Seeking in Tennessee
225 years of Souls Seeking Truth
225 years of Soul Searching in Northeast Tennessee
225 years of Continuing Quest
All right, kids. You knew it was coming. What is your suggestion for our slogan?


  1. Here's my suggestions:

    225 years of pot luck dinners.

    225 years of looking for Jesus and then we found him in the garage last Tuesday.

    225 years of not being Baptists.

    225 years old and we're still not sure if we're doing this stuff right.

    225 years already? We swear it feels like it's only been like 220 or something.

    225 years of waiting for the rapture. Can we just get on with the show already or what?

    225 year of unoriginal sin.

    225 years? No crap. Wow. How about them apples.

    225 years and Johnson City still has yet to annex us. Thank you Jesus!

    225 years of Presbyterians gone wild!

  2. 225 years of NOT being Catholics! Thank you Jesus!

  3. 225 years of opening hearts, expanding minds, and embracing all

  4. 225 Years of Jesus Based Frivolity

    225 Years of Irreverent Worship and Praise

    225 Years of Whatever it is the H-E-double hockey sticks it is that we do here

    225 Years of Worship, Praise and Defiance

    225 Years of __________ (supply your own damn slogan people)

    225 Years of Ideological Insanity

    225 Years of Agitating in the Lord's Name

    225 Years of Minstry in Motion

    (BTW- Mmmon comment...Ouch!)

  5. 225 years, Happy Quasquibicentennial!


    Quasquibicentennials Rock!

  6. 225 years of that damn green bean casserole with the cream of mushroom soup and dehydrated onion rings on top!

  7. 225 years. The only thing older is our organist!

    225 years of Righteous Indignation.

    225 years. We're over a quarter as old as Methuselah!

    225 years. That's like 1,575 dog-years!

    225 years, 35,100 sermons, and we're still all going to Hell.

    (that's 225*52*3, if you're wondering)

    225 years of Presumptive Denominational Superiority.

    225 years of Presbyterness. Shut up and feel the love.

    225 years of doing questionably relevant deeds in the name of Some Guy Who Might Not Have Ever Been.

    225 years, and all we got were these goddamn T-shirts.

    225 of Ritualized Symbolic Cannibalism.

    225 years of "Psssst! Wake up! The sermon's almost over!"

  8. I just had a thought: if something is 225 years old, wouldn't that make it a "full-fledged child of the Enlightenment"?

    225 Years of Getting Our Ass Reported

  9. Ha! These are all great! Thanks Dr. Monkey for sending over your friends. Yeah. Sure.

    Beth: You are sweet and I think yours or something like it will win.

    But, I have to say, I do enjoy this one:

    225 years of Presumptive Denominational Superiority

    Keep 'em coming!!

  10. A church is only young once, but it can be immature for, well, at least 225 years.

    225 self-important, God-defiling years!

    After 225 years, you'd think we could get it right.

    225 years in the wilderness and still counting.

    Still crazy after 225 years.

    225 years: Saving the worst for the last.

    5 squared times 3 squared times nothing still amounts to nothing.

    Two and a quarter centuries of who-knows-what?

  11. Oooooh, snippy, Jim. Guess you won't get invited to the potluck...

  12. I love it all! Laughter heals almost everyone! I would hate to have to vote on just one slogan - that's like the donut shoppe only carrying glazed! How about the start of a fundraiser for one of them there movin' LCD signs so that we can have all of the slogans! For those of you who haven't a clue of what I'm talking about, check out this website:
    Thanks for the laughter!

  13. Ooooh, dang! No potluck. And I was getting the grean-bean cassarole ready for Flycandler.

    Do enjoy your eleven-score-and-five celebration!

  14. Scott,

    I asked my board for a cool sign like that so I could put up witty reparte for the passersby. My request was respectfully declined.

  15. 225 years of raising eyebrows.

    225 years of expanding consciousness.

    225 years of thinking and reasoning.

    225 years of being a voice in the wilderness.

    225 years of survival in a hostile environment.

  16. 225 Years of preachin' to the choir?

  17. ZZZzzzzzz.... skrrrnxxx.... huh? What time is it? WHAT? Did thou just say I've been asleep for 225 YEARS?

  18. Before you select your "slogan" I suggest you read this post from another (very funny) blog and its link to a TN newspaper!

    Click here!

  19. That link to the church in middle TN points out why John's church is important. People need to be encouraged to think and reason and not just accept as gospel (no pun intended) that which was crammed down their gullets from birth. That forced indoctrination is not all that different from what goes on in the Muslim madrases (sp?).

  20. 225 years of passing notes during the sermon.

    225 years of fundraising for a building that's still falling apart.

    225 years of "Let's get going so I don't miss the game, kids!"

    225 years of not being Godless Liberals.

    225 years of weird-smelling macaroni salad at the pot-lucks.

    225 years of post-service gossip and loitering.

    225 years of supposedly accidental partial nudity in the bathroom near the youth group room.

    oh...wait...i wasn't supposed to tell you about that....

    225 years telling kids not to run in the sanctuary.

    225 years of "Here's the Church, here's the steeple, open it up, see all the people."

  21. First Presbyterian Church of Elizabethton: 225 Years of not looking a day over 224 Years!

  22. 220 years of following Jesus
    5 years of going the other way...

  23. Stushie was appointed by God to decide who is following Jesus or not...turns out 99% of us will be taking the escalator down unfortunately. Oh well.

    There's been some good slogans here. Dr. Monkey kicked it off with some good ones! I'm coming in late, but let's see, how 'bout:

    225 years out of 6,000: not bad.

  24. No, no, Stushie may be right for once. 1861-1865 were not great years for the Church in general in the southern US.