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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

God Bless the Vols

Jesus smiled on the Vols and
gave them victory over the godless Badgers in the Outback Bowl. The reason for the victory is that Vols fans are also fans of God.

I saw this book in the local Books A Million. This is from the publisher:

This exciting collection of stories from the many sports played at the University of Tennessee is perfect for the Vols fan who is also a fan of God. Each story, while giving accurate information concerning a sporting event, will also lead you into a moment of reflection about God and his greatness. UT fans will have the best of both worlds.

This is the ideal book for the faith-filled and faithful Tennessee Volunteers fan!


  1. And just when I thought I had seen it all. Will this ever end? I guess the appropriate comment should be "God help us"? Or maybe not.

  2. God only cares if the winning team covered the spread.

  3. Now if the can just find 144'000 Vols fans we'll know who's going to heaven.

    Speaking of crackpots, you guys remember this?
    The good stuff is at 2;30 of the vid.

    Behold! The Prophet!

  4. Oh yes, the witness people. Thanks tn420 for giving the 2;30 location on the video. I couldn't take the whole thing!

    Would like to add an avatar to my posts - can anybody give me a hint, well maybe a little more than a hint (I'm lazy for what i need to do?

  5. Bill 42 big orange hut hut!

    Pardon me.

    OK, you gotta sign on, get a Google or blogger account, do a profile. Somewhere in there will be an option to upload a photo on your profile. It is hard to explain it. You just kinda gotta do it. Follow the instructions to create a blog and you are on your way...

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