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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lisa Larges Approved!

San Francisco Presbytery gets it right! Here is the article on Associated Press. The following is from
That All May Freely Serve:

In a landmark decision the San Francisco Presbytery (a regional jurisdiction of the Presbyterian Church encompassing 80 local churches) voted for Lisa Larges, an open lesbian, to be moved forward in the process toward ordination.

A 2006 action of the national Presbyterian church allowed Presbyteries some greater freedom in determining whether open lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons can be ordained. Larges made a statement of conscience regarding the churches policy of exclusion and the Presbytery determined that she was fit for ordination and that her statement of conscience did not counter essential beliefs of the church. Larges has been a candidate seeking ordination since 1985.

The 167-151 vote represents the first vote on an lgbt candidate for ordination under the new policy.

That All May freely Serve is deeply grateful to the Presbytery of San Francisco for its commitment to find a way to live more graciously with one another. We remain committed to the full and complete removal of all barriers to ordination for all whom God calls to serve the church.

Congratulations, Lisa! Actually, I should say Congratulations, SF Presbytery for doing the right thing. Lisa is a woman blessed with all the gifts for ministry. We are fortunate to have her.


  1. Excellent news! We've been lucky enough to have Lisa visit and preach a number of times.